-  Project Development and Management:

Managing information about national and international support programs (Science, Industry and Technology Ministry and the SAN-TEZ, TEYDEB of TUBITAK, İZKA, such as KOSGEB national and Horizon 2020, EUREKA EUROSTARS, COST and bilateral cooperation projects as well as international), and providing consultancy services in training, application and project management: tracking possible projects and distributing announcement announcements and schedule to academicians: announcing European business network events and activities, national and international research groups, maintaining communication with universities and institutes. In addition, Project Ideas Analysis and Development, Project Finance and Management, Technical Consulting, Technology Research, R&D and R&D Center Configuration Unit services are to be provided.

-  Entrepreneurship and Incorporation Support:

To provide support services for the establishment of R&D company in technology development areas within the scope of R&D works to be carried out as a project by industrials.

-  Industrial Marketing and Collaboration:

To identify academicians and researchers open to collaboration with industry, and introduce companies to academicians that are focused on project issues, and arrange joint meetings to solve R&D problems in universities across special subjects that are required by the industry.